About PSA

Parcel Shippers Association’s mission is to foster competition in the parcel delivery market. It creates value for its members by promoting the best possible service at the lowest possible costs.  Towards these ends, PSA…

  • Informs its membership of changes in carrier rates, service levels and preparation and other requirements
  • Provides legal and political representation in support of its members and its mission
  • Encourages technological innovation
  • Partners with other associations to achieve its goals
  • Supports continuation of the Federal mandate for universal, affordable parcel delivery service
  • Is a gateway to all major carriers
  • Provides a forum for networking and discussion of Parcel Shipper best practices

Over the years PSA’s members and Washington, DC Team have delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in results for our industry. 

  • PSA lobbying secured the availability of contract rates between the Postal Service and mailers and ensured that those deals remain confidential
  • PSA efforts historically resulted in lower prices, and substantial saving for parcels shippers ("The rate reductions PSA just won reduced my postage increase by 25%. I will save hundreds of thousands." Member Quote.)
  • Service standards and performance measurement driving reliable delivery to your customers
  • Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMPB) and true visibility throughout for shippers and customers.